RSI Wind: Wind Turbines & Stealth Towers RSI Wind: Wind Turbines & Stealth Towers

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Wind Leasing can be profitable for your farm!

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RSI is a supplier of components for wind and other renewable energy (RE) systems. By harnessing the power of the sun, wind, and water, Kiowa WindGenpeople around the planet are producing their own pollution-free power right at their own home or business. “Going Green” is a required "public appearance" for any company, government or school that will be moving forward in the next few years.  What is your group doing to show that they care?

Wind Turbines will provide you with a return on your investment of 10 - 20% - tax-free each year - depending on your usage and wind resource.  This is equivalent to a 14% - 28% return on a taxable investment!  Compare that to 2% from a money market account, 5% from a long-term CD, or negative earnings from mutual funds over the last few years!

Most States and the Federal Government are sending out a clear message that “They want small wind turbines to help shore up our energy supply."

TechnoSpin 4kw
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Attention Tenn Valley Authority Electric Customers:

TVA is now paying a $1,000 bonus for installing a Small Wind Turbine and paying an additional 3 cents/kwhr for power produced. TVA Distributor Map (pdf 225KB)